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Divorce Financial Mediation in Orange County

Posted on January 14th, 2019

Divorce is a process. It is usually simple, inexpensive and does not often require an attorney. The process can be lengthy and expensive when the financial issues are complex. If the marital home was transmuted during marriage, then it is more complicated to divide. Transmutation means that the character of the marital home changed from separate to community property. It is also more complicated to divide a business owned separately before marriage and that appreciated during marriage. Most people hire a family law attorney in such cases as their first step in the divorce process. But the process may lead to litigation.

We Are Divorce Financial Mediators

Hiring a divorce attorney is common and necessary in many cases. They know the law. However, family law attorneys hire forensic accountants as expert witnesses in cases involving property division. Therefore, if you use a mediator that is also a divorce expert witness, then your financial results may be similar to litigation. Greg believes that mediation is an alternative to litigation. His goal is to save your “wealth,” which is your money, time and emotion. Greg’s clients must agree to his principles before he mediates their divorce. They must agree to prevent litigation, preserve their wealth and prepare for independence. Simply, they must prevent, preserve and prepare. His approach is mindful of your “limited” wealth and is the foundation for the successful division of your property.

It is a common belief that only a family law attorney can mediate your divorce. A simple Google search will prove otherwise. If you and your spouse agree that divorce financial mediation is the best for you, then please contact Greg Raffaele at (714) 335-4646 for a free one-hour telephone consultation.

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