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Mindful Divorce Financial Mediation

Posted on January 11th, 2019

When we refer to “wealth” in a divorce, we aren’t just talking about money (assets). Wealth also includes your time and emotion. Those are important things in your life that you have to preserve when possible. You don’t have an endless supply of money, time and emotion, so you have to make sure that you’re using them wisely. When you are going through a divorce, you spend money. Often times more money than you expect. However, you don’t immediately realize you are also spending more time and emotion. We are mindful of what you spend. So, our forensic divorce mediation can make sure that you spend less so that you have more for your life ahead.

Best (for You) Divorce Financial Mediation

The foundation of forensic divorce mediation is simple: It’s to prevent litigation, preserve your wealth and to prepare for independence. This is what distinguishes us. Litigation is unpredictable because you cannot control the result. Your wealth will be at risk. And you may not even get more money (assets). But if you do, at what cost? Litigation is never swift. It will consume your time and deplete your emotions. Many times, divorce litigants are so exhausted, they just want it to end. These are the reasons we suggest forensic divorce mediation. It minimizes the uncertainty and the unpredictability. In turn, it maximizes your wealth, so that you can better prepare for independence. Imagine your wealth as fruit. It is always better to have half a melon instead of half a grape.

Divorce is never an easy process. Our divorce financial mediator has been through a divorce himself. So, he knows what you’re going through and is very mindful about preserving your wealth. To learn more about divorce financial mediation, please call Greg Raffaele at (714) 335-4646 for a free one-hour telephone consultation.

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