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Alternatives to Divorce in Los Angeles

Posted on January 9th, 2019

The process of getting married is relatively fast. Most would agree that getting divorced is not. It takes at least six months in California when the divorce is uncontested. The process is longer when there are complex financial issues. There are two common disagreements. The parties often disagree with the community’s interest in the marital home acquired before marriage. Refinancing the marital home during marriage adds to the complexity. The parties also do not often agree with the value of the community’s interest in the business separately owned before marriage. The divorce process takes longer when the disagreements are larger. The backlog of divorce cases adds months. The family courts sometimes take years before they resolve contested financial issues. I have been a part of many such cases. However, there are alternatives to divorce.

A Faster Divorce with Livable Results

A faster divorce means you must use alternatives to divorce. Mediation is one such alternative. In divorce mediation, you must invest more effort instead of money. Litigation is sometimes a bad investment. It does not buy speed. It may also not buy the best results. I would argue your effort is the same you’d invest when buying the perfect home or planning the perfect vacation. The effort you invest must be intellectual. Marriage is a financial and emotional union. So, this is often difficult. I believe there three principles to mediating your divorce. Both of you must first agree to “prevent” litigation. Second, both of you must agree to “preserve” your wealth. Lastly, both of you must agree to eventually “prepare” for independent lives.

Forensic CPA as a Divorce Mediator

Once you both agree to prevent litigation, you need to choose a mediator. Most people choose attorneys. They are the logical choice. Sometimes, people don’t think there are alternatives to divorce mediators. Besides attorneys, other professionals provide divorce mediation. I am a family law forensic CPA specializing in divorce. Divorce attorneys use me when they need an expert opinion on complex financial issues. I use the same financial approach in mediation as I do in litigation. My mediation process is the difference.

If you believe in preserving your wealth and are looking for alternatives to divorce in Los Angeles, then please contact Greg Raffaele at (714) 335-4646 for a free one-hour telephone consultation.

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