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The Expert

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The Expert CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics Inc., Divorce Forensic Accountants

Expert Witness: Greg Raffaele, CPA CVA FCPA CDFA

I began my forensic accounting career in 1989 after graduating from USC. I was always curious as a child. My family and friends often called me annoying because I kept asking so many questions like a detective. So, my first job as a forensic accountant and eventual career as a forensic accounting expert witness was a natural fit. I just never imagined as a child I would begin my own divorce and family law forensic accounting practice in 2003.

My grandmother was a profound influence in my life. She always encouraged my natural curiosity. She'd say, "Greg, you must always be broad minded." My grandmother also said that honesty is often undervalued but it is always greatly appreciated. Though she passed many years ago, I believe that her wisdom is the foundation of my honest practice. Her name was Esperanza Enriquez. Thank you, Lola.

Divorce is a Human Business

"I called Greg Raffaele looking to hire a forensic accountant for my fiancé’s divorce case. He ended up talking to me for almost an hour, giving me valuable advice and patiently answering my questions and concerns without even mentioning cost. To my surprise, he told me not to hire him! Given the facts of our case, our chances in court was between a "wobbler" and a "long shot." He advised that in our particular case, it would make more sense for us to accept the opposing party's ask than pay the cost to him and to our lawyer for going to court (not to mention the cost of time and emotional investment of a long trial).”

"In an industry where clients' emotions run high and professionals take advantage of it for their own profit, I was touched by his honesty, humanity, and benevolence. He treated me like a human being rather than a dollar sign and was actually more concerned about what would be best for our lives than his own profit! From our conversation, I also believe he is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in his field. This is why I followed his advice and did not end up hiring him. But I want to give my endorsement to him to anyone who thinks they may need his services. I believe him to be a rare professional."

OC Family Law Judge: Being Truthful Matters

"To be persuasive, we must be believable. To be believable, we must be credible. To be credible, we must be truthful," a quote from Edward R. Murrow posted at the courtroom entrance of the Hon. James Waltz, Orange County Superior Court Judge, Family Law Panel.

California Court of Appeal: One of Two Successful Cases

In a case that was appealed and affirmed, the California Court of Appeal, 4th Appellate District, restated the trial court's finding, "The tracing evidence presented by husband's expert was not credible, while wife's expert, Greg Raffaele was credible regarding the source of the funds used to purchase and pay for the house as community property, and thus the source of the funds to purchase and make the payments on the family residence was from community property."

Testimonials: Divorce Forensic Accountants are Not Equal

"I would not and will not use any other expert, period. Greg is thorough, smart, honest, respected by judges and makes an exemplary witness. Greg puts in the time to know the ins and outs of his cases. I have seen him confer with other experts and it is always refreshing to see Greg masterfully educate his colleagues as to the fallacy of their assumptions and conclusions. There is no better expert around, period."

"Hiring Greg Raffaele, CROSSCOR was the best decision I made with my attorney. Greg worked tirelessly and so efficiently and changed how the case was going prior to his involvement. His in-depth knowledge and attention to details is astounding. He is professional, timely and knows what he is doing. The opposing forensic accountant in the end agreed with all his findings which resulted in a settlement significantly in my favor. Greg is on another level when it comes to forensic accounting and I am grateful for CROSSCOR."

"We called Greg as a last minute rebuttal expert witness. He was professional, efficient and is very, very good at what he does. He was thorough, gave helpful suggestions for best practices going forward, to avoid needing him in the future, and was incredibly clear and upfront about what he needed to complete his analysis. His reporting was impeccable and compelling. His rapport with the court and his understanding of how to be an expert witness was unmatched. In 20 minutes on the stand he invalidated the other accountants report who had spent hours on the stand painting a fraudulent and factually incorrect picture. We would highly recommend CROSSCOR and would use them again, if ever needed. He is as careful with billing his clients as I am when billing my clients. If you are not sure who to use, if you need a forensic accountant, he is your guy! Let me know if I can post this on Yelp. You saved us thousands of dollars a month with the job you did. And, I can't thank you enough."

"Thank you so much for all your amazing help! You really made a huge difference. The request for discovery was the highlight of this otherwise exhausting process, and it revealed the opposing party's vulnerability. I also value how you always made yourself available to offer advice, answer my questions and concerns, and support me in the process when called on. Thanks for informing me about the credit balance. I would like to use it to pay attorney fees that I still owe her. Thanks again for everything!"

"I hired Greg Raffaele in August 20XX to do a forensic analysis to support my thinly-documented 401k separate property claim in my divorce proceeding as well as testify as an expert on my behalf. Greg is very knowledgeable, thorough, and clearly a fully credentialed expert in his field. His pre-trial work product was thorough, precise, and well thought out. His testimony as an expert witness was ROCK SOLID and he firmly held his ground during what seemed to me to be a vigorous and relentless cross examination. Even before I received the court ruling in April 20XX, I was 100% satisfied with the case that Greg presented at trial, no matter the outcome. And by the way, the judge ruled in our favor. I would highly recommend Mr. Rafaelle without hesitation. Thanks Greg!!"