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Forensic Accounting

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Forensic CPA: Family Law & Divorce

Few CPAs specialize in forensic accounting. Even fewer have the expertise in divorce litigation in Southern California. You need a forensic accountant in your divorce when you have complex income and property issues. Though Greg's forensic work may never be used in court, he makes certain it is suitable for court.

Cash Flow for Support in LA & OC

Reported income is sometimes higher than the cash from that income. For example, in an S corporation, the pass-through income may be more than the cash distributions to its owner. There are valid and sometimes complicated reasons for the difference. The capital expenditures of a business is one of the reasons (Family Code 4058).  However, the working capital requirements is not.  A business may have unreported income when it mostly accepts cash, which it does not deposit into its operating account.  If a business mostly has trade accounts, then it may divert cash using an alias. It will have overstated expenses (and understated profits) when the business pays for and deducts the owner's expenses as business expenses.

Separate Property Reimbursement

The three most valuable assets of a community are the business, marital home and retirement plans. A business is more complicated to divide when one spouse formed and operated it before marriage, and it appreciated during marriage from the efforts of the spouse (Pereira Van Camp allocation). It is simpler to apportion the appreciation of the martial home acquired by one spouse before marriage (Moore-Marsden calculation). However, the pro-tanto apportionment is complicated once the home is refinanced and transmuted or re-titled to the community (Marriage of Branco). A retirement plan is a mixed property when a spouse contributes time or money to it before and during marriage. The time formula (Marriage of Brown) is used for the allocation of a traditional pension, while a QDRO is used for a 401(k).

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