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At CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics Inc., we know that choosing an expert for your case is an important decision. You want the confidence of knowing that your expert is intimate with your case and will not just “pick up your file” the night before testifying. You also want the assurance that your expert is responsive and accessible even on nights and weekends, especially when time is a constraint. While there are other choices, we believe that we are the best choice. Hire us and you will not be disappointed.

“We had a four-way meeting and settled the case. It ended up being a very good settlement for me. Thanks for all your help!”
Karl W.
Newport Beach, CA

“Thank you so much for the love and caring brother! Truly blessed.” “Thank you from bottom of my heart for all your hard work.”
Sam M., Business Owner
San Juan Capistrano, CA

“You are amazing and worth every penny of your time. I appreciate how efficient and on top of everything you have been.”
Kim S., Single Mother
Orange County, CA

“Thanks so much for your help!  It’s appreciated a lot more than you think.  I hope our paths cross again someday soon.”
Arthur W., Business Owner
Orange, CA

“I'm so grateful and thankful that I hired Mr. Greg Raffaele as my forensic accountant. My case was very complicated and ended in a five-day court trial. Mr. Raffaele was a star witness at my trial who spent many hours getting caught up on my case and was able to factually refute all of my ex-husband’s claims. He has tremendous attention to detail and was found by the judge to be extremely credible and, as a result, I was awarded 100% of the asset. Mr. Raffaele is a true professional and extremely passionate in his field of expertise. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking  a forensic accountant."
Kathleen D.
Costa Mesa, CA

“I have a special relationship with a law firm in Newport Beach. I would like to make an introduction. I know that the firm has been looking for a good expert witness accountant to help with their caseload. This was a position I used to serve for them some years ago. It is good work for good people.”
Robert F., Retired CPA
La Quinta, CA

"Greg Raffaele is objectively one of the best expert witnesses that I have ever worked with in my career as an attorney. Mr. Raffaele is such a highly skilled CPA with almost 30 years of experience in forensic accounting. In the case that I worked with him, he was extremely prepared, detail oriented, and passionate about his work on this matter. He was able to take a very complicated tracing case with minimal records from over a period of twenty years, and based on independently verifiable facts, generate a thorough and complete assessment regarding what could be said about the funds. This was no easy task as it required him in the matter of a week to go through over 1,000 pages of financial records and meticulously determine the information related to the source of the funds. On top of this, he was able to clearly and effectively explain this detailed information to me in a manner that I could understand, so that I could then effectively present it to the court. With his level of precision, Mr. Raffaele is one of the most skilled and trustworthy experts in his field. I highly recommend him based on the high quality of his work, as well as his passion, and ability to clearly explain complicated financial information."
Alphonse F. Provinziano, Attorney
Provinziano & Associates

"Thank you for yesterday. I felt you saved the day in court!"
Bret C.
Malibu, CA

"I just wanted to personally call you and leave you a message and thank you for all your help with everything.  You were fantastic!  I don't think had we not had your information, we would be the place where we are now with the settlement.  And it is a good settlement for me!  So I'm thrilled about that and I just wanted to thank you.  I appreciate you and I appreciate the work that you did.  I have referred a couple people to you so hopefully you'll get business from those folks as well.  And I told them just how fabulous you are!"
Leslie R., Technology Professional
Carlsbad, CA

"Thank you for your hard work and late night!"
Chelsea Storey, Attorney
The Law Offices of Chelsea Storey

“I really appreciate all the effort you are putting into my case. Thank you Greg for everything.”
Jennifer C., Business Owner
Temecula, CA

"Very thorough report. It will be very helpful in our negotiations."
Ralph B., Business Owner
Arcadia, CA

“Greg has just been an absolute Godsend. He received my call from my website search for forensic accountants to help with my messy divorce, and his CROSSCOR website popped up. I called him and he immediately called me back. After I explained my complicated set of challenges, he steered me to the right attorney to help me with the legal matters. He is professional, responsible, honorable, humble, and the work that he did and presented to the court as well as to the litigants, was extremely detailed, well thought out, and analyzed down to the very penny. He even went above and beyond the call of duty with your work without proper pay due to him, as he could appreciate the difficult situation his client found herself in with a shortage of access to money. Most accountants would have abandoned further work if they were not paid, but he did what a Christian man of integrity would do, and he continued on to completion working without pay, because it was the right thing to do. Even though the overpaid litigants with deep pockets challenged him over and over and over again, and became unreasonably aggressive towards him in hopes to intimidate him, he handled all of their accusations at the deposition calmly, professionally, and with ease. This can only happen if he himself had fully studied every single number and knew all of the facts better than anyone else Even though opposing attorneys may have had the desire to argue with him, there was no arguing with him, as he knew the hard cold facts, and had analyzed the numbers back and forth, and up and down. Additionally, he provided additional suggestions to me with his wealth of experience in this industry, and gave me suggestions for a good family attorney as well who is sophisticated in these type of divorce cases. Greg is a true Rock Star, and I hope to continue to have the honor of working with hum for the rest of my divorce matters.”
Jana O., Entrepreneur
Newport Beach, CA

"Thanks for working on this on a weekend. Love your work ethic."
Robert Farzad, Attorney
Farzad Family Law

“The pleasure has been all mine!  You are so talented and hardworking and I am truly blessed that we found you.  You are the best in the business. No doubt about it!”
Valerie B., Business Owner
Trabuco Canyon, CA

“You are so wonderful!!!”
Renee Lloyd-Nasiri, Owner & Attorney
Lloyd's Law Firm, PLC

I wanted to thank you for your time today!  Loved the simple approach and logic you brought to the table.
Joshua B., Business Owner
Irvine. CA

"Thanks so much for your quick response and valuable and insightful work evaluating my 401K. It helped us resolve our issues without any further litigation.  A win-win for both sides!"
Dave D., Ph.D.
Newport Beach, CA

"Thank you so much for your help in valuing our business.  I appreciate how you kept me informed along the way with your follow-up emails.  I hope you and your family have an enjoyable Thanksgiving."
Stephanie M.
Huntington Beach, CA

"Greg is the most brilliant accountant ever! He works with some of my clients and helps them with business valuations and tax advice."
Lani Baron, Owner, Attorney & Divorce Mediator
Alternative Divorce Solutions

"I am glad I found you.  You are a man of honor and integrity."
Rose J.
Newport Beach, CA

"I have had the honor and privilege of working with Greg.  He is a client with great proficiency and professionalism.  He is intelligent, hardworking and his knowledge is vast and thorough.  When you get to connect with Greg, you'll discover an amazing person with unique skills."
Dean Hamid, CLCS, AINS
Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc.

“I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your insight and direction. Working with you has been superb and instructive!”
Sally Anne Cox, Attorney
Law Offices of Sally Anne Cox, PC

"I met with the jury foreman today.  He said you were excellent in testifying. Thanks again.  Keep up the good work!"
Enoch Liang, Partner & Attorney
Lee, Tran & Liang, APLC

"Your report was objected to by opposing counsel, but the judge was pleased with the accounting. After two years of this I was finally granted a child support order with no future court dates. Thanks for your outstanding work!"
Jeff B., Business Owner
Santa Ana, CA

"I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put into this. My client also truly appreciates everything you did for her. I will recommend your services to anyone looking for an expert witness. I don't say things just to say things, so I mean it. You were terrific!"
Ja K. Suh, Attorney & Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS)
Family Law Offices of Suh & Suh

"I am more relaxed and with a smile thanks to God and you! Thank you again for all your encouraging words and support through the trial."
Gabriella V., Single Mother
Seal Beach, CA

"I had the pleasure of working with Greg on a challenging collaborative case. This was a full team collaborative case and Greg was brought in to provide a small business evaluation. At first the business owner thought that the evaluation missed the target. However, after Greg thoroughly explained his protocols, his assumptions, and his methodology, it was apparent that there was integrity to his evaluation, and his valuation was accepted by the in spouse and the out spouse. Greg presented as being accustomed to working on a full team collaborative case, and modeled neutrality and expertise throughout the process of working with each client separately and together. I would not hesitate to recommend Greg to provide his business valuation services."
Brian Don Levy, Attorney
Collaborative (Family) Law & Mediation Office of Brian Don Levy

“I was very lucky to have Greg as my expert in my case and I am very pleased to write the following few lines for him. If you need someone ethical, smart and dedicated who listens to you, asks and answers your questions, collect all relevant input, organize, manage and present your case; he is the man. If you need someone who never let you wait to get answer to your emails or phone calls; he is the man. If you need an intelligent expert who makes you feel important; he is the man. Greg’s knowledge, ability to research and his professionalism are unquestionable and his honesty and integrity are admirable. He challenges you at the same time he fights for you to ensure what he presents to the court is truth and nothing but the truth. So help him GOD.”
Joe T., PhD. and Retired Engineer
Los Angeles, CA

"What I like about Greg is his ability to explain the often complicated aspects of the business valuation process in a way that my clients and I can understand him, while at the same time having the professional skills to deliver an expert business valuation. Greg has donated his own time and energy to support the non-profit group Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County (CDSOC) as it continues to promote the growth of cooperative divorce methods. He is always available to provide education and information to its collaborative professional members who seek his advice regarding the often complex process of valuing and/or dividing a community business asset in the divorce process."
Terri Breer, Attorney
Breer (Family) Law Offices and Cooperative Divorce

"In connection with my legal practice, I have had the pleasure of working with Greg in the past and found him to be knowledgeable, ethical, focused, service oriented and professional. The bonus is that he is also caring, related and sincere."
Rosemarie McElhaney, Attorney
Family Law Offices of Rosemarie McElhaney

"Greg is dedicated to serving clients for the least cost and best value. He was an important part of the Collaborative Divorce movement when it was still quite new and his support of this was of tremendous value. I have recommended him several times since we met."
Carroll Straus, Attorney
Family Law Offices of E. Carroll Straus

"Greg is an incredibly smart and ethical business man. He delivers a quality product and is very thorough in his process. When I am asked for a referral for a valuation, I recommend Greg."
Rick Lange, Director of Business Development
Stonefield Josephson, Inc.

"We have worked with Greg for over five years. He runs an efficient and organized practice, and calls proactively with any questions he may have. In that time, Greg has never reported a claim, and our conversations are always based on concern for his clients. If you are looking for someone intelligent, efficient and who thinks outside the box, I would not hesitate to recommend Greg's services."
Paul Morris, Principal
Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc.

"I find Greg very honest and very knowledgeable. Thanks to him for his spectacular work. Because of his dedication and efficiency I was able to win my case at a very reasonable cost."
N.C., Business Owner
Orange County, CA

“It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your guidance!”
J. C., Attorney
Orange County, CA

"In an emotionally charged case involving, among other issues, cash flow and the value of the family business, the divorcing clients needed an experienced and neutral forensic CPA. Greg Raffaele distinguished himself, performing the tasks at the highest of professional and personal levels. Both spouses became fully invested in his efforts, then trusting in his findings, and naturally, and amicably settled their case.”
Robert Glasser, Attorney
Family Law Offices of Robert Glasser

“The case settled! Thank you for all of your hard work on this case.”
Ja H. Suh, Attorney
Family Law Offices of Suh & Suh

“Greg, thank you again for your work. Everything looks great! I will be sure to recommend you whenever I have the chance.”
Mark W., Director
Las Vegas, NV

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